My Weight Watcher Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that have helped me along the way:

  • Calculate the point amount per serving when you bring the food home from the grocery store and write it on the packaging so you don’t forget
  • Bring your own cheese to dinner and popcorn to the movies
  • Use smaller plates for dinner (dessert plates) and ditch the red plates. Red is a color that increases your appetites.
  • Be mindful when you are eating so you know when to stop. Feeling too full is almost worse than feeling hungry. Gage you hunger meter, if you are satisfied then simply stop eating.
  • Peanut butter is a great snack to have when you are so hungry that you are feeling shaky. I always have a low point peanut butter bliss bar in my purse.
  • Track everything that you put into your mouth, measure everything and don’t forget to calculate everything you drink.
  • Do not eat at least 2 hours before you go to sleep.
  • Only weigh yourself once a week. Weigh around the same time and always wear similar clothes each time you weigh.
  • Stock your fridge, pantry and freezer with fruits and veggies. Canned fruit in its own juice or in water is 0 points like fresh fruit, try mandarin oranges.
  • Order several sides at a restaurant versus a big entrĂ©e. I opt for veggies, luckily I love them. Instead of a salad that is loaded with cheese and fatty dressing, choose some vegetables like french green beans, broccoli and new potatoes. This will fill you up as well as satisfying your palette.
  • Make your meals exciting. As one who gets excited easily, a beautiful plate or presentation when visually satisfy you which leads to feeling an overall feeling of satisfied. Pretty food is always a plus.
  • Plan ahead! When dining out, know where you are going to eat and research the menu online and calculate what you can eat/drink so you won’t feel troubled or flustered during your meal.
  • Keep snacks around your house. But make wise decisions when choosing snacks. I prefer grapes, pretzel sticks, Weight Watchers string cheese, Peanut Butter Bliss bars and carrot sticks. This way every craving is covered, I am always safe.

What are some of your tips and tricks?

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