Well well well, sorry for being a little MIA the past few days but this girl needed a little rest and relaxation. After my second week at my new job, blogging, running around, creating and just plain causing a ruckus a little mind break was necessary. By resting I wish I could tell you about my fabulous spa treatment or my weekend away at the beach but unfortunately for you my weekend consisted of quite the opposite.


Right? Instead I have been gallivanting around the city enjoying the last few weeks of summer without a care on my mind.


if you say so… ah, how relaxing!

sometimes you just need to kick off your heels.

“How much cheese is too much cheese?” I kept asking myself this with my mass amount of cheese consumption this weekend.

I rocked some fierce orange nail polish, I am getting into the fall mood.

Plus it’s also a good idea to match your weekend drink of choice. We went to Birreria, the beer garden on the roof of Eatly and it was pretty legit

I recommend stopping by before the summer’s end.

Wait a minute… now that I think about it, this weekend wasn’t that different from every other weekend. Oh well it was still fabulouso and I am sorry for neglecting you but have no fear I promise you will have some great posts coming up this week. I will be featuring everything from industrial chic to my favorite luxe life in… jorts edition to the style icon Anne Hathaway.

Thug means never having to say you’re sorry.

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It turns out the weather has of course changed and the rain has been postponed until this evening which means I get to play outside today! all work means all play for this happy girl. How do you plan on spending your saturday afternoon?


I’m thinking of laying out in my usual spot in the park

reading my new book Wacky Chicks

by the fabulous Simon Doonan.

Geek is chic.

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As a self proclaimed super prep it is no surprise I go bananas for anything seersucker. Especially a man in a seersucker suit, now that is one way to get my attention. Maybe it’s a southern thing, I also have an infatuation with the Kentucky Derby (those big hats + the seersucker, that’s enough to make me sweat). As if you didn’t already get the hint, I love seersucker to me it’s a sign that warm weather is near as it is only socially acceptable to wear in spring and summer. Seersucker is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together, giving the fabric a wrinkled appearance in places. This look is ideal for me because it requires no ironing and it is the “shabby chic” of the closet.

The fabric was originally worn by the poor in the U.S. until undergraduate students in the 1920s, in an air of reverse snobbery, began to wear the fabric. Damon Runyon wrote that his new habit for wearing seersucker was “causing much confusion among my friends. They cannot decide whether I am broke or just setting a new vogue.”

1. Handsome gent with green tie. 2. Seersucker Napkins. 3. Super Chic green dress. 4. Italian Stallion man. 5. Bangin’ Blouse. 6. Why are you running from me? 7. Espadrilles. 8. Tied to perfection. 9. Jacques in Florence. 10. SEERSUCKER SPERRYS! 11. Seersucker Suit.

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It is a beautiful Saturday in Manhattan and I am as gleeful as can be. I am going to be purchasing some apartment updates (I will keep you updated, do not worry) and taking advantage of the city, per usual.

On my playlist and in my head is the song “99 Red Balloons” by Goldfinger, originally by Nena as a German anti-war protest in 1992. Unfortunately I do not know German so I stick to the Goldfinger version. But enough about that, it’s a great song and inspires some major energy.

So of course I started pintrest-ing images of balloons because on a today like today I wouldn’t mind a nice red balloon tied around my wrist. Now that is a total luxe accessory.


I might have to tie a balloon around my wrist so I don’t get carried away shopping.

have a good Saturday, ya’ll.

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As the weekend is suddenly coming to an end and we are all getting ready for another work week, I would like to leave you this Sunday night with a deep question.  Ponder over it this evening and maybe it will inspire you to do something extraordinary this week.

I can’t remember mine. Share the last time you did something for the first time.


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As we all know it is morbidly hot outside and across the country. According to my last weather update the heat index in New York City is supposed to be 112 degrees! The thought of even going down into the subway platform makes me start to perspire. Unfortunately, the forecast doesn’t call for any cooler weather this weekend either.

I don’t know about you but my weekend plans include…


staying in the air conditioning image via design*sponge

sipping ice-cold beverages, don’t these fabulous drinks look delightfully refreshing? image via cocojito

and wearing the least amount of clothing that is socially acceptable image via weheartit

I mean seriously, can we talk about what the heat is doing to our luxe looks?! My hair has never looked worse, my clothes have never been more uncomfortable and my make up is a hot mess. 

Don’t you find yourself looking more like this these days?


Luckily I have already taken care of this situation: chop the hair off! Nothing is worse than sweaty gross hair.  

I’m looking less chic and more shabby the hotter it gets and its making me a very unhappy camper.

Have you even considered doing this?

I know I have so no judgement here… it’s not that far-fetched. image via MissMoss

Okay, enough of this miserable heat. Here’s something to lighten the mood. Hope you get a good giggle out of this.

Pardon my French but it only seemed appropriate.

How do you plan on staying cool this weekend? PLEASE share your tips.

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Meeting the parents is almost always nerve wracking, especially for us girls. Our first thought: What do I wear!?! It’s especially stressful if he has sister because we all know that of course they will judge what you’re wearing. Or is that only me? To top it off we all know that first impressions mean the most and, well, this has to be one of the most important first impressions.

So to help you out I have put together a look for meeting the parents. I think this look is especially great because it is classy, scaled down and not too flashy. It is also casual so no one will think you are trying too hard. Granted, I would not suggest you rock this chic look to a dinner but if you are meeting them during the day or at their home this is an absolute go-t0 outfit!

I must say that I do love this outfit, I give myself a pat on the back for this one. It is perfect! It shows that you have a sense of style, you are appropriate (not a time to flash some leg or anything else for that matter) and it also shows a sense of maturity. How do you get the look?

Top: Charlie Cotton Top Shorts: Tibi Pleat-front silk shorts Flats: Camper Twins Floral Ballet Shoe Purse: Prada medium Safiano birkin Bracelets: Triple Bangles Pale Gold Metal Earrings: Tacori Diamond Clear Quartz And Neolite Turquoise Earrings Set Belt: Patent Leather Belt

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